We are an active parish which relies on the volunteers from within to help. Each Ministry is an invitation and an opportunity to serve and to be involved in the Parish community.

If you are interested in any of the ministries please contact the Parish Office or send us your details via Become a Volunteer form bellow.


A great group of men who are trained to assist the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist.   A very important ministry especially at our weekend Masses.

Altar Linen

This practical ministry entails laundering the linen which is used for distribution of Holy Communion.   A great way to help the community and serve the Lord behind the scenes.

Altar Flowers

The ladies who arrange the flowers in our church have a passion for flowers and love the opportunity to make our church beautiful each Sunday. It’s great to see the Church embellished with the beautiful variety of God’s colourful gifts.

These dedicated people are rostered on a monthly basis and it develops a true sense of belonging in your community.

For further information please contact the Parish Office.

Altar Servers

This ministry is open to both boys and girls who have made their First Holy Communion and are rostered, in consultation with their parents, to serve at Mass once a month.

It gives the children a great experience of liturgy, discipline and prayer.


The Catechists of our Parish teach scripture to Catholic children who attend Denistone East Public School.

Members of this ministry share their love of God and provide a valuable link between the school, our religion, our Parish community and the children they are teaching.

New catechists are always welcome.

Catholic Women’s League

The CWL ladies have been meeting since 2002. They enjoy helping raise funds for various charities both local and international and also the friendship of sharing a coffee together once a month.

Newcomers are always very welcome and can just show up at 10.00 AM on the second Friday of the month.

Meetings run for an hour and are held in the Presbytery meeting room at 8 Inkerman Road.

Click below to access the Sydney Catholic Women’s League: 


We have a large number of people who give their time to count the Sunday donations.

The count requires a couple of hours and we roster our volunteers in groups of three and that means you count every two and half months. A great way to assist the parish in a material way.

Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers help distribute the Eucharist at our Masses and to take Communion to those who are house bound in various places within the Parish (hospitals, nursing homes or private homes) so they too receive Communion on a regular basis.

Those joining the Ministry participate in a time of formation to deepen their understanding of the Eucharist.

Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee requires volunteers, with financial knowledge, to help advise the Parish Priest on how to administer the capital and financial resources of the Parish and to make decisions when an important investment or purchase in needed.


The principal objective of this hard working group is to care for and enhance our churchyard surroundings; a humble service with beautiful results as everybody enjoys seeing our well kept gardens.


This spiritually invigorating Ministry is for both men and women to proclaim God’s word during the Mass.

To undertake this ministry all volunteers are encouraged to understand God’s word, reflect upon it and on what it means in their lives.

Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Committee assists the Parish Priest in co-ordinating the liturgies in the Parish by ensuring that they are celebrated authentically and encourage the full and active participation of all parishioners.

The committee meets periodically to review its activities.

Mothers Prayers

“Mothers Prayers” commenced in England in 1995 when two women Veronica Williams and her sister鈥搃n-law Sandra felt the need to pray in a committed way in order to combat the problems facing their children. “Mothers Prayers” groups have now spread to over 100 countries in the world. Being part of “Mothers Prayers” unites us with mothers world wide who are also praying for our children.

An Invitation is extended to all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers,

Foster mothers and all women who would like to pray for their children, grandchildren and all children through out the world on:

Music Ministry

Music and song enhances our liturgies and we are always looking for committed players and vocalist.

This great ministry helps inspire us all as we pray during Mass.

Parish Working Bee

We have two working bees a year when we come together to ensure the church is ready for our major celebrations like Christmas and Easter.

We believe that joining in helps to cement community spirit and a sense of making a difference for others. A couple of hours or three sprucing up our lovely church, well spent.

Overhead Projection

PowerPoint is used to enhance and assist our Sunday worship.  The word to our hymns are displayed on the projector screen at the front of the church for the congregation to see.  You can get involved by running the PowerPoint at Church servies.  Training will be provided however, some experience with PCs and data projection would be of assistance.


These are the unassuming men and women responsible for taking up the weekly collections during Mass.


As we strive to be a community known for its welcome, this team of people welcomes those attending the 6pm Saturday Vigil and the 9.30 Sunday Mass for worship.

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